Will Millennials Change Banking Forever?

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Will Millennials Change Banking Forever?
A generation of nearly 80 million strong, Millennials are changing the face of banking as we know it. Millennials are hungry for (more…)

How to Celebrate 10 Years? With Wine and Cheese of Course!

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What better way to say thank you to our customers and friends than to celebrate our success with a little wine and cheese? Howard Bank, as part of our 10-year anniversary celebration, recently hosted a wine and cheese event at each of our branches to toast our shared success. Click the link to our Facebook album for our pictures from all our fabulous events! Facebook Album.

Banks Catch on to Mobile Banking...

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Mobile banking has been declared the “future of banking” more than once over the past few years. Frequent appreciation of mobile banking’s potential to make personal finance more convenient has accompanied its evolution from initial text-based banking services to the sleek apps that exist today. In recent years, evidence has accumulated that supports these notions and points to increased adoption among mobile phone owners. An August Pew Research report showed that, as of July 2013, 35% of cell phone owners were using mobile banking, an increase of 17% from the (more…)

January eNewsletter from Howard Bank CEO, Mary Ann Scully...

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January is named for the Roman god Janus – the two headed (as opposed to two faced) god of beginnings and endings.  Supposedly, he is the original reason why we all make New Year’s resolutions – to shape and guide the beginning.  However, we all know how New Year’s resolutions go – health club memberships soar with no worries on the part of their owners that they may have a capacity problem in March; diet companies sell lots of pre-packaged plans but obesity still moves up to become a top killer; and businesses put forward plans that are full of good intentions to do better this year – but often by doing the same things that did not work last year.  It might be convenient to make these types of (more…)

Teaching Your Children About Money

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Interestingly, the subject of how to handle money is something that many parents put off discussing with their children—often because their parents weren’t forthcoming about money, so it’s not a subject they are necessarily comfortable bringing up with their children.

If you avoid discussing money management with your children, they will likely pick up lessons on how to handle (more…)

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