Should your business be in the social media space?

March 29th, 2012 | Posted by Lindsay Kelley in Marketing | Sales - (Comments Off on Should your business be in the social media space?)

As a marketer, I’m often asked about social media and the role it plays for my company. Many business people I network with ask if it’s right for every business and how would a company know if they should be a part of the social world. The answer is never simple, so I often answer, “It depends.” I bring this up, because I was just asked this question at an event yesterday, so I thought maybe others would be interested in my two cents….if not, I won’t take it personally. 

For example, let’s create a hypothetical business: Ike’s Pet shop. Should Ike be in the social space? Well, that depends. What are Ike’s business goals? Does he want to reach a mass audience? Is that audience local, national or global? For argument’s sake, let’s say Ike only sells pets to the Maryland area. What kind of pets does Ike (more…)

Driving Desirable Sales Behavior

October 14th, 2011 | Posted by Matthew Neuberger in Sales - (Comments Off on Driving Desirable Sales Behavior)

Many sales managers get frustrated when sales people hit a performance plateau. This typically happens when a sales person reaches a financial comfort zone. Since they are comfortable with the amount they are making they don’t make determined efforts to improve performance. To drive consistent sales improvement a sales manager needs to have a good handle on goals and make meaningful adjustments to compensation. (more…)

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