Ask for Referrals, Follow-up with Action Plan...

Posted: Tuesday, November 20th, 2012 | Posted by: admin in Marketing

In a past blog post, “Marketing and Small Business – Questions to ask yourself,” one of the questions I posted that you should ask was about referrals:

Do you ask for referrals?          Many small businesses have to rely on referral sources to keep business steady. Have you asked your current customers for referrals? This is a marketing channel that in many cases can be very inexpensive but you have to ask for the referral. Writing a simple Thank You letter to your customers and placing a couple of business cards in the letter asking for referrals maybe a good marketing channel you haven’t identified.                                                –          May 25, 2011, “Marketing and Small Business – Questions to ask yourself.”

I received a couple of emails on how would you actually ask for referrals based on the above post.  I touched on it above but have put this quick Action Plan together below to help you with asking for referrals:

  • Make a list of your current customer base (if you have an extensive customer list break it down to a manageable list).
  • Call each customer as a “courtesy” to see how everything is going.  This should not be a sales call but rather a courtesy call.  Keep the conversation short and to the point and specifically ask how your product / service is benefitting them and if they have any questions or concerns about the product (not only a courtesy call but ensuring your customer is still happy).
  • Follow the call with a handwritten Thank You note.  In the brief note you would simply let them know that you appreciate their business and you would appreciate any referrals of friends or family who can benefit from your product / service (include 3 to 5 business cards and any referral offer you may be running).

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