Marketing and Small Business - Questions to ask yourself.

Posted: Wednesday, May 25th, 2011 | Posted by: Timothy Rozalski in Marketing

How does your product line or services offered differ from the competition?          Ensuring that you have a distinguished approach to what products and services you offer is key to success. If your product or services are similar to the competition how do you stand out?

What marketing channels are best used to market your products/services?          Have you identified what marketing channels increase your sales? Whether it is social media (linked in / Facebook / Twitter), the internet, newspaper, bill boards, vehicles, referral sources, community events, etc (we could go on and on) the need to understand which marketing channel brings you the best bang for your buck is very important. Find a tracking mechanism for whatever marketing activities you do so you know if it is working. Ask customers the question, “How did you hear about our products/services”? Once you find the marketing channel that is working best you can point more resources toward those channels. It is important to note that the marketing channel that is working best today for you may become stale so make sure you are constantly checking other marketing channels.

Do you ask for referrals?          Many small businesses have to rely on referral sources to keep business steady. Have you asked your current customers for referrals? This is a marketing channel that in many cases can be very inexpensive but you have to ask for the referral. Writing a simple Thank You letter to your customers and placing a couple of business cards in the letter asking for referrals maybe a good marketing channel you haven’t identified.

Are you delivering what your customers want?          Have you asked your customers if they are getting what they want/need from you? Is there something that you can add to your product/service line that will meet a need your customers are going elsewhere to obtain? If you create a streamlined experience for your customers they won’t need to look elsewhere for products/services you might be able to offer them that compliment your current product/service offering.

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