This Thanksgiving: A Choice

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From all of us at Howard Bank we wish you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving.

It’s that time of year once again—the time when we offer our thanks for our blessings. In preparation for doing so, it’s important to remember that some have more thanks to offer than others, and to remember those when celebrating our own good fortune.

The subject of economic inequality is one frequently mentioned these days by government leaders and social scientists, not to mention Federal Reserve chairmen and countless economists. Despite the bank bashing that still occurs, eight years after the crisis, those of us who are community bankers spend much of our time, professionally and personally, trying to correct some of those inequalities through our age-old role as facilitators and intermediaries. We provide funding to those who are not liquid, but are seeking advantage, by responsibly investing the proceeds from those who are more liquid, if not more advantaged, into our own community. However we also spend a great deal of time trying to understand the larger picture—the reality of, the magnitude of and the root causes of inequality.  (more…)

National Game and Puzzle Week | 7 Board Games That Help Kids Understand Money

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Board games are a great go-to when families are looking for a rainy day activity. But they can do much more than provide your family with Board-Game-Life-1-610x500a night of entertainment. In fact, while your kids are having fun, they could be learning important financial lessons without even realizing it. Looking for a game that’ll show your child money doesn’t grow on trees? Check out these seven games designed to teach your kids about money management and the value of a dollar.

1. Cashflow 101
This game’s financial lessons include teaching players how to take charge of their personal finances, understand cash flow and learn about the importance of investing. Cashflow 101 delves into some of finance’s more complicated topics, so play (more…)

Share the Warmth Coat Drive

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Howard Bank has partnered with local agencies in the communities that we serve to collect new coats, scarves, hats and gloves and distribute them to those in need.

We’ll be collecting items at all of our locations from now through December 3rd. Please help us Share the Warmth.


Howard Bank CEO to Speak at Bank Director’s Conference

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Scully will be a featured panelist at the Chicago event

ELLICOTT CITY, Md. (Nov. 10, 2015) – Howard Bank Board Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer Mary Ann Scully will take part in the Bank Executive & Board Compensation Conference Nov. 10-11 at the Swissotel Chicago. Scully will be a featured panelist in a Wednesday session titled What Makes Great Boards Great: Making the Tough Calls.

The conference brings together executives and board members from various parts of the financial community. The program aims to deliver essential information and insight to officers and directors from public and private institutions, prepare financial institutions from across the U.S. to grow and compete in the future and introduce strategies and tactics a bank’s HR and executive team can immediately consider or implement.

Scully, whose banking career spans 40 years, has been at the helm of Ellicott City-based Howard Bank since its founding in 2004. This year, Scully oversaw the acquisition of Patapsco Bank, making Howard Bank the largest publicly traded bank headquartered in the Baltimore region.

About Howard Bank:
Howard Bancorp is a bank holding company with total assets of $924 million as of Sept. 30, 2015. Its principal operating subsidiary, Howard Bank is a locally owned and managed, growth-focused community bank serving businesses, professionals and individuals in the Greater Baltimore area through 16 full service branches. Howard Bank is a wholly owned subsidiary of Howard Bancorp (NASDAQ: HBMD). For information visit

National Chemistry Week-Making Saving Fun for Young Children

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Teaching your children how to save is an important step to prepare them for financial responsibility and a secure future. But it won’t go very far if you don’t “practice what you preach” and save for the future yourself.

Whether we like it or not, most of us take after our parents and emulate the habits we observed in them during childhood. In other words, you need to act how you want your children to act when they grow up.

Plus, the earlier you start teaching your children to save money, the better off they’ll be. Even toddlers can do it, but you have to teach this concept in a way they’ll understand. Then, as your children grow, you can introduce more sophisticated saving strategies.

The most important thing at the beginning is to make saving fun.

The Chemistry of Paper Money
Paper banknotes are made from a special paper, which is very dense, making it stronger and more flexible compared to regular paper. In certain cases the banknote paper is a mix of special paper with linen or various other textile fibers. Paper money change hand thousands of times, during their life cycle, which requires them to be produced of much stronger and lasting material. (more…)

Take control of your financial destiny with one word: Budgeting

Posted: Friday, October 23rd, 2015 | Posted by: Kathy Armstrong in Financial Planning

I’ve never quite understood the vast majority of the public’s aversion to the word “budget.” If you are one of the millions of “budget-phobes” who equate the word with such unappealing terms as “restrictive,” “limiting” and even “scary,” let me share with you some of the terms I associate with the word: “freedom,” “dreams” and “control.”

Why the drastic difference in perception? I believe the answer lies in many individuals’ lack of (more…)

Your History Lesson, featuring the ATM

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ATM-PhotoATM, cashpoint, hole in the wall…regardless of how you refer to it, chances are you’ve experienced standing in front of one, and in line for one, more than you realize. Maybe you’ve been outside in subzero temperatures, maybe an absurd service fee has been inflicted upon you, or even a combination of the two.

Nearing its 50-year anniversary, the now ubiquitous cash dispenser made its debut in 1967. Though its uniqueness is undeniable, its origins are a bit knotty. It’s been said the first cash machine appeared in Japan, though there’s very little published on the matter. Whether or not that’s true, Europe certainly had the most successful implementation of after-hours cash dispensers, a response from bankers to the rising labor costs and unionization.

The automated teller machines of today are essentially the culmination of several inventions from multiple people over a few decades. The history is confusing, but we’ve decided to take it upon us to break it down. (more…)

What is a Short Sale?

Posted: Tuesday, October 13th, 2015 | Posted by: April Marasco in Mortgage

Short Sale

In tough economic times, short sales are extremely common in cases in which the homeowners are facing financial hardships. A short sale is a property transaction in which the revenue from the sale falls short of the existing principal balance on a mortgage loan. In many cases of a short sale, the mortgage lender partially concedes the principal balance and accepts a discounted portion as payment in full.

The concession on behalf of the bank is handled by the mortgage lender’s loss mitigation department. Once the homeowner sells the property for less than the outstanding principal balance, the proceeds are conveyed to the mortgage lender, who then accepts these proceeds in most cases a full repayment of the debt. In cases where the mortgage lender is accepting less than is owed on the mortgage loan, they have the legal right to review the conditions of the sale, as well as the borrower’s financial situation, and approve or disapprove the sale accordingly.
Typically executed to prevent a foreclosure on a home, a short sale is generally approved or disapproved by a mortgage lender based on the most-sound economic way for them to recover their funds. Often, the cost associated with a foreclosure will be more expensive than the loss linked to the short sale. In cases of a short sale, the homeowner benefits immensely in the fact that they avoid having a foreclosure reported on their credit history. In addition, a short sale is generally quicker than the foreclosure process.

Inspiring Books for Small Business Owners

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We realize that small business owners don’t have time to sift through a library of books or websites in order to find the mental fuel needed to get things moving and shaking. Check out the list below to help you find your next piece of inspiration that will provide you with insight and fortitude for when the small business going gets challenging.

The Science of Success by Charles Koch
Recently named one of Time’s “must-reads”, this book reveals how market-based management styles built Koch Industries. Charles Koch has erected the world’s largest privately held company and he discloses just how he did it. (more…)

Howard Bank Aberdeen Branch Recognized During Harford County Business Appreciation Week

Posted: Thursday, September 24th, 2015 | Posted by: April Marasco in Community

From Cecil Whig, September 24, 2015

Aberdeen4HAVRE DE GRACE — Elected officials joined the staff of Harford County’s Office of Economic Development to visit with numerous businesses in the county during Business Appreciation Week on Sept. 25.

The week kicked off with a breakfast at the Ground floor in Havre de Grace where Good Neighbor Awards were presented to Cytec and Harford Systems and ended Friday with a meet and greet at La Tolteca in Aberdeen and Wargo’s in Forest Hill.

Businesses visited included:

Edgewood/Joppa — Future Skies, Joppa Automatic Transmissions, Harbor Freight Tools, Perez International Foods and Sandmar Properties, LLC.

Bel Air — Sunny Day Café, Towne Barbers, Law Office of Anthony J. DiPaula, Savona, and Buontempo Brothers.

Jarrettsville — Kurtz Funeral Home, Jarrettsville Creamery, Jack’s Small Engines, Jarrettsville Pharmacy, Jarrettsville Family Care, Keen Dodge, Jarrettsville Federal Savings and Loan.

Aberdeen — Hinder Ford, Medline Industries, Inc., Howard Bank, Flowers by Lucy, Dee’s Flowers & Gifts, Bourbon Street Market, Boeing. (more…)

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